Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy 1/2 Birthday Paige Elizabeth

My baby is 18 months old today and is becoming quite proficient getting around and expressing herself. She has learned how to say "mama" "please" "uh-oh" (comes out more like 'oh') "cheese", "more" and "boom boom" (from watching her brother play with his army stuff.) Paige loves to push the step-stool to where she wants to climb and get up at the counter to scrounge for stuff - she's really quite cute when she does it, so it's very difficult to follow through on discipline when she's getting into something that is a 'no-no'.

I was thinking today that it will be a lot of fun this Chrsitmas and when she turns 2 and we are celebrating her birthday...thinking of all the fun things she enjoys doing already and how we're going to continue to learn more about her budding personality. But then I got a bit sad as I realized that I won't have another baby here or on the way and that some of these things are the 'lasts' - which made me think of Karen Kingsbury's Book "Let Me Hold You Longer"
( It reminded me that I need to treasure these times with my kids and enjoy the little things that they are excited about.

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