Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Unused Vacation

We are in a bit of a scheduling quandary as we just found out that Duncan actually had 3 weeks of vacation this year, plus the week we rolled over last year, plus the comp time that he accrued over the summer when working 70-90 hour weeks at teen camps. We had only counted on 3 weeks and now are in a bit of a bind to "use it or lose it" before the end of 2006. We can only roll over 5 days to 2007, so we are struggling to come up with an appropriate usage for the 7 days we haven't allotted for so far. I snagged this quote from a friend: "Too much work, too much vacation, too much of any one thing is unsound." (Walter Annenberg) and found that is applies so well.

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Heather said...

And some people think they have problems!!! :)