Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Our plumbing was completed yesterday and the electrical was mostly done today (missing a few lights). Our carpet goes in next Monday and the appliances get installed (already delivered, but just sitting there) on Tuesday. We have a concrete driveway and the forms come off on Thursday. We now have garage door openers and a working garage door.

We are coming down to the wire on projects and are trying to decide which thing is most urgent for Duncan to focus his time on it. We are planning to purchase the rest of what we need so that we can get reimbursed through our construction loan, but who knows when the fence and deck will go in.

We also want to put in a sprinkler/irrigation system and we need to paint the exterior of the house before we seed that yard. All these projects and not enough time to do them. I have started packing up our house and we pulled down from the attic all the boxes we saved from our last move - still labeled and ready for storing.

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