Monday, June 18, 2007

It is finished . . . well mostly

The house is finally finished. Hurray! After two years of planning, discussing, working and waiting it was finally finished.

We moved on Thursday June 7th, Duncan's birthday. We hadn't planned on moving that day, but we got the Occupancy Permits that day and Duncan had the moving bug. So Duncan and one of the teens from the youth group (Ethan Cain) moved everything in two trips with a U-haul. They were both very tired by the end of the day and Duncan still had to go into church for youth worship practice and small groups.

Duncan finished up putting some furniture together when he got home at 10PM. A long day for sure, and not your typical birthday, but a very satisfying one.

There are still home projects to do, such as planting grass, putting up a fence, finishing the deck and play area for the kids, organizing the garage and spreading gravel on the parking areas, but we can now work on these items while we are actually living in the house.

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Judy said...

Congratulations Duncan and Suz!
Your home is beautiful...long journey for you but now you are in!!

We visited our kids in Phoenix a few weeks ago and met Drew. We talked about you Duncan. I just sent him the link to your blog and your info.

Hope you are doing well...youth ministry, personal, etc. We miss you!
Judy Wright