Saturday, November 10, 2007

Family Movie Nights

The last 2 Fridays we have rented a family friendly movie and enjoyed some family time together. It has been a lot of fun and we've had some good discussions about the movies. Last week we rented Evan Almighty and really enjoyed it was a family. It was a great opportunity to discuss how the world wants us to do one thing and sometimes God asks us to do something else - how do we respond? Last night we rented Meet The Robinsons - good family flick as well. There were heavy action parts that I thought might bother the kids, but they weren't upset by any of it. It was good to discuss why some people are adopted and the reasons behind the parents giving them up for adoption. Good times... good times.

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Rachel said...

ok, that is really deep. Our family conversations on movies are more like: "Hey Dad, what do you think would happen if Gandalf and Spiderman were enemies?" lol