Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Leaning Tower of Art

Blaire Rose LOVES to write. She will (and does) write on anything she can. Case in point - she carries around a notepad and pencil so she can 'Take Notes' of everything. It's great at the grocery store as it keeps her occupied, but not so great when she gets bored and begins writing on her legs, hands and/or anything that is available. One day, upon noticing a "B" on Paige's shoe, I asked who did it and she immediately blamed it on Paige. When I 'suggested' that I didn't realize Paige could write the letter "B" she finally fessed up. So, we decided it was prudent to get her an easel so that she can have a seemingly endless supply of paper and the option of a chalkboard / whiteboard. She very happily posed with it and has already written her name "BlaiRE Rose" quite a few times.

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Rachel said...

Very cute!! Future novelist at work.