Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jesus Wept

Some comments from Duncan:

"She didn't make it." said Dane on the phone to me. I could hear him choking back the tears to get those words out. He was talking about his little sister, who just turned 7 a few short days ago.

"I'll be there as fast as I can" I said - and hung up the phone.

Driving to the hospital, the words of the sermon (titled "BREAD") I just preached on Sunday were ringing in my head, the question I had asked everyone from the pulpit was running through my mind, "Do you truly believe that God is good?"

I didn't realize that what I was preaching on would be put to the test and so soon. Can I be truly thankful, regardless of my circumstances because I beleive that regardless of what happens that God is good. Do I truly believe that even in the face of tragedy that God blesses us because He loves us so much.

It is hard to see a family numb with shock and grief, while their 7 year old daughter and sister lies growing cold in the bed behind the bland wood of the hospital door and not question why.

But I draw comfort from the shortest verse in the Bible which says, "Jesus wept." Jesus wept at the graveside of His friend Lazarus. His heart broke for the pain and loss of Lazarus' sister's Martha and Mary, the rest of thier family and thier friends.

His heart breaks now for the Yates family.

I do believe that God is good. I do believe that He blesses all of us daily.

Therefore, I am thankful for 7 years a beautiful blond girl graced the hearts and lives of a family that delighted in her. I am thankful that she celebrated one more Christmas and one more birthday. I am thankful that God gave her to Tim and Karen to love, nurture and raise. I am thankful that three boys were brothers to a little sister who adored them and they adored. I am thankful that she was able to love, laugh and play and enjoy the world God gave to her. I am thankful that she is home with God now.

I believe that God is good because I know Jesus wept.

Yates family, we love you and are praying for you.

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