Sunday, January 06, 2008

A New Life

About a year ago Graeme was asking LOTS of questions about who God is, how we believe in Him and how we seek to have a relationship with Him. When we discussed it, he said he believed all that and knew he wanted Jesus in his life, but wasn't ready to pray to ask for forgiveness.

Today, with the faith and confidence of a child Graeme decided that he wanted to commit his life to Jesus. He trusts Jesus fully and recognizes that he does not have the power to a relationship with God unless he seeks the Lord's forgiveness and offer of Eternal Life.

We took him to lunch to celebrate his birth-day - a birth of NEW LIFE in CHRIST. Rejoice with us as we encourage him in his relationship with his Heavenly Father.


The Pace Posse said...

Praise God! We are rejoicing today with your family - and with God.

Rachel said...

That is wonderful!! Praise the Lord!