Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

We have a beautiful view of northern Seattle from the waterfront at the heart of Suquamish Village - only 4 blocks from our house. We took advantage of the beautiful weather this week and took quite a few walks to enjoy it.

Suquamish is such an interesting town - with so much of it still tribal trust property. We own our land out-right, but a large portion of Suquamish is on a 99-year lease that expires in about 10 years. At that point, the property reverts to the tribe and the homeowners will have to move. Due to this and subsidized housing, there are quite a few homes that are definitely run-down, and yet there are privately owned $700,000 homes just 3 blocks from our house - located on the waterfront.

The casino pumps money back into the tribe and local school. We have already benefited from this as Graeme is in first grade at Suquamish Elementary and Blaire Rose will begin attending Kindergarten in the Fall. The tribe has some pretty innovative plans for re-energizing downtown and some of it has already taken place since we moved here. There are a few new cafe's and some general upkeep of the area. Run-down buildings are being torn down to make way for a potential ferry terminal to provide a passenger only ferry from Seattle. There is also talk of a marina being installed.
Suquamish Canoe Shed, Suquamish, WA
Suquamish Canoe Shed

Suquamish, located on the Port Madison Indian Reservation, is home of the Suquamish tribe.

One of the most influential leaders of the Northwest, Chief Seattle, lived here and he is buried at Suquamish Memorial Cemetery behind St. Peters Mission.

The name Suquamish comes from the original main village site along Agate Passage , called "d'suq'wub," which means "place of clear water."

In the 1920's much of Suquamish was a vacation get-away, with small cabins dotting the waterfront. Today many of the cabins have been renovated, or replaced with larger, more substantial homes. The community is a checker board of privately owned, and tribal trust property.

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