Thursday, February 07, 2008


I love coffee. I think I was born with it in my blood because both of my parents drank quite a bit of it and I was an 'early' drinker - having my own cups of it by the time I was 10. Now, it probably wasn't so bad because my dad never made it very strong - at least not like the coffee I had when I was in Holland @ age 17. Now that is some coffee! Your spoon could practically stand up in it. But alas, that just broadened my coffee drinking horizon.

Enter the era of coffee shops on every street corner. I limited my purchase intake of frivolous coffee (aka - Latte's and/or Mocha's) mostly due to the cost, but then I moved to Poulsbo. Hmmm. Peer pressure can be a tasty thing. My girlfriends introduced me to some great, inexpensive coffee shops around town. I became hooked. I would plan my errand route around where the best coffee shop was. I would make up excuses to go out to do things so I could get coffee. I limited it to a certain dollar amount per month, but I sure milked it for all it was worth - knowing when the specials were, knowing which coupons to clip, etc.

So - a highlight of this week was getting together with a girlfriend on Wednesday so we could go out for coffee. We disguised it under the need to connect, but that was really just a ruse to get a latte. We entered the store with our little girls armed with their Polly Pockets and sat for an hour, enjoying each others' company, watching our girls interact as they shared their dolls and enjoying the sweet sips of "The Nectar Of The God's" as some of my friends refer to it.

Ah. Sweet friendship, Sweet Coffee, Sweet Girls - what more could you ask for?


Rachel said...

You make me smile. I guess this summer, we'll have to go for some coffee- just for you. ;-)

The Pace Posse said...

Sounds like fun!
Too bad I don't care for coffee. Do they serve Diet Coke too? :)

Kristin Jag said...

Aha! I so loved getting together to have coffee, I mean, catch up with you. Ella loved hangin with the girls too! Hope you are doing well and we will have to do it again!