Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confessions of a non-chocoholic

I have never been a fan of solid chocolate. The smell of melting chocolate often turns my stomach, and I do not care for chocolate kisses. However, I do love chocolate that is mixed with things - mostly peanut butter or crisped rice. Hmmm.

So, while if baffles Duncan, it doesn't really come as a shock to me that Graeme doesn't care for chocolate. He'll turn down dessert if the only thing available is chocolate. Tonight he was bored as only a 7yr old can be and so after dinner I quietly asked him if he wanted to help me mix up some brownies. I figured it would give us some 1:1 time together while the girls were playing and he would have fun. His response: "As long as I don't have to eat them!" I was laughing {on the inside} because that is so opposite of what most 7yr olds would be saying @ 6pm in the evening.

As it turned out, we had a great time and he thoroughly enjoyed reading the instructions, stirring the mixture and licking the wooden spoon while I put the pan in the oven - so much for not liking chocolate!


Gretchen said...

how is he (or you for that matter) related to me? I guess I like Chocolate enough for all three of us...

Kristin Jag said...

I think I would love to have him help me make choc. chip cookies, then I don't have to share the dough!

Great seeing you yesterday. Ella is on the waiting list, so hopefully she can make it in. Bummer!

Have a wonderful time away and I look forward to hearing about it over some coffee and CHOCOLATE.

WestKalGal said...

That is too funny, Suzanne! :o)

My little Olivia, on the other hand, could probably live on chocolate if I let her! LOL!

Jonathan, Sarah and Julia said...

You know, my little brother, John, doesn't care for chocolate either. Man, some days I wish I was like that rather than craving it like a mad woman!