Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday with the Forbes

Our Mondays get pretty busy with errands and catch up from the weekend and today was no exception:

  • 9:00 Take Graeme to school
  • 9:30 Work out at Curves
  • 10:15 Walk to church to meet the girls and Duncan
  • 11:00 Get another round of passport photos for IDP's
  • 11:15 Update Duncan's glasses after 11 years with the same pair
  • 11:30 Get International Drivers' Permits (IDP) from AAA in Bremerton
  • 12:45 Get 50 movie tickets to see Narnia, Prince Caspian
  • 1:00 Laundry
  • 1:30 Catch up on email while the girls watch Aladdin and eat popcorn
  • 1:45 Laundry
  • 2:00 Get Blaire ready to be signed up for Kindergarten
  • 2:30 Try to help Paige get the popcorn kernel out of her nose
  • 3:30 Go to pediatrician to plan method of attack on invading kernel
  • 3:45 Help 2 nurses hold Paige down while trying to remove said kernel
  • 4:15 Affix 2 stickers and open one sucker while in transit to the next doctor
  • 4:30 Go to the ENT to have her relieved of her sinus pressure
  • 4:40 Get teary-eyed with relief that no sedation was necessary
  • 4:45 Eat another sucker to ease the memory of nasal assault


Rachel said...

Poor Paige- But it will be a good story for her to tell. ;-)

Jess said...

WOW! You know, Katie did the same thing when she was little. Except she found her kernel in the couch cushions. She was always sticking stuff where she shouldn't have. She ruptured her eardrum with the end of a carousel horse. OW!

The Pace Posse said...

I'm glad they didn't have to sedate her.