Thursday, June 19, 2008

GPS - aka Jane

We have had the use of a GPS system while here in Germany. We call her Jane. She is quite helpful for our many trips with the soldiers, even if she is very forceful with her directions "In 200 meters, turn left...." "TURN LEFT NOW!"

Today we embarked on our trip to see the Burg Eltz Castle - an amazing castle that is still lived in and owned by the Eltz family - going back 33 generations. It is still furnished as it was 500 years ago - and the 45 minute tour goes through 2 parts of the castle. The family lives in a 3rd section and maintain control of the property.

We had checked the directions online before heading out and it said it was about 1.5 hours. We loaded up the car, set up "Jane" and stopped at a gas station to get fuel. The gas station was not on Jane's preferred route, so she kept "Recalculating" our course. In retrospect, I believe she is set up for the straightest route - speed of travel taking no place in her calculations.

We took off from getting fuel and proceeded through every little town and development you can imagine, religiously following Jane's directions because we hadn't printed any other course. After a very sensory-filled 2-hour trip (cow fields, bumpy roads, etc) we arrived in Berg Eltz - with Graeme and Laura complaining of car-sickness due to the twisty, curvy roads.
We picnicked near the parking area and hiked into the castle entrance. We had a great time touring the castle and had fun checking out all the surrounding country-side as we prepared to head back home. We headed in the direction of the nearest main road - causing Jane to "Recalculate" over and over again. We made it home in 2 hours, with many detours due to road construction. Thankfully no car-sickness on the way home.

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