Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marksburg Castle

Thanks to it's formidable defenses, medieval invaders decided to give Marksburg a miss. Marksburg Castle is the only hill castle on the Rhine that has never been destroyed. It has been lived in for over 700 years and thus represents an ever changing and developing building complex that has been growing into it's present shape over the centuries. It's littered with bits of it's medieval past, like the big stone ball that was swung on a rope to be used as a battering ram.The Central Keep is situated in one of the smallest courtyards in Germany. Of ancient but unknown age, it towers about 120 feet over it's base. It's present shape is 14th century, but certain parts belong to the oldest elements of the castle. The keep was the defenders' last refuge during a siege. Its only entrance was 30 feet above the ground, inaccessible with a ladder. The lower section contains the dungeon, measuring only 7ftx7ft.

Romanesque Palace - Such a beautiful building! The white outline indicates where the original window was - it was made smaller to be easier to defend.

These are from the noble families who have owned the castle since 1283.

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