Monday, June 09, 2008

Walking & Talking

One thing we love about the German culture is all the walking. The weather has been beautiful and we have been enjoying getting out in it - taking walks with the soldiers and talking along the way. The kids think it's great to have extra hands to hold, shoulders to sit on and backs to ride.

Yesterday we took one soldier and walked to a local park. We had a great time exploring and seeing what our neighborhood has to offer. The kids got a kick out of the teeter-totter.
Today we did a couple of tours in Idar-Oberstein - the nearest town to us. We had a beautiful climb up to the Church in the Rocks and ate lunch at an outdoor restaurant and then drove to and toured the local Gemstone Mine. We took our intern (Laura) and a soldier that is staying with us this week. The kids were thrilled to have extra people to hang all over and they enjoyed trying to capture their attention.
Inside the church

Getting ready to go into the mine. Paige did NOT want to wear her helmet, and our tour guide was very nice about it.

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