Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy end to a Busy Summer

We got home Sunday night from a 9-day trip with 25 teens, 10 adults and our 3 kids. We went to Westport, WA to help a small church run a VBS and Teen Camp program. This was a big undertaking as our teens would be doing everything... leading all the crews in VBS as well as leading the workshops in the Teen Camps and hosting a dinner for the community every evening.

The teens stayed in rooms at the church and Duncan and I slept nearby in a travel trailer with our kids. There are a lot of reasons I don't like camping: rain and burrs in the grass {ouch} are just a few of them. We had a fabulous time despite the rain and the leaky travel trailer. We are so blessed by the families that are a part of our youth ministry. I am so blown away by the joy others take in spending time with my kids. It blesses my socks off to see people wanting to be with them - what a ministry to our family!

9 kids decided to commit their lives to Jesus during VBS - out of the 25 kids attending - and 4 teens recommitted their lives during the teen camp. It was a powerful time of ministry as our teens really grew in their gifts and abilities while teaching other kids and teens how to do things.

We got to see God's provision many times during the week - from food being donated for specific meals to money found on the ground outside a grocery store. It was a great opportunity for the teens to see how God is moving - if they slow down and look for it!
We had planned to take a day of rest on Saturday to go to the beach and were wondering if that would happen due to the rain during the week. Friday ended up being beautiful and Saturday's forecast was much of the same, so the teens spent the day jumping in the waves and playing beach volleyball. I got in on a few games of Volleyball and had a blast falling in the sand on almost every hit. Coordination is obviously not my gifting. It was a great time of rest and rejuvenation after such a busy week of going from 7am -11pm.

Rick Ray was our main chef for the week and he served us some amazing food. Here is a picture of he and his wife Jill picking up smooth stones at the beach. Cute! Jim & Lisa Hanson also did a bunch of the food - providing/planning all the snacks for VBS and helping Rick in the kitchen. What a ministry of service to our teens!

My sister and brother-in-law brought their little guy up to visit for a couple days and they blended right into the mix of teens and craziness. Our teens sang a nice off-key rendition of the Happy Birthday song to Gary and he was obviously amazed by our skilled voices. So much so that he didn't want us to ruin it by singing it twice.

We got back Sunday night and Duncan got sick. His fever hit 101 and the chills were pretty strong. Lots of sleep and rest needed to recover from such a long and busy week. He never sleeps well at other places and this was no exception.

Monday night my brother and his family stopped in for a one-night/day visit on their way to another sister's house. Our kids had a blast playing with their cousins and it was a joy to see them playing together. Ava is the same age as Blaire Rose and Lily is the same age as Paige. All 4 blondies were pretty cute together. Graeme was a bit bored, but he managed ok while playing princesses and knights. Uncle Chet played legos with him, so he was happy.

Blaire Rose & Ava Marie

Lily Rebecca & Paige Elizabeth

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