Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blessed Routines

We made it to the weekend after our first week of school. *whew* It was a busy one, with many things to be done during the school hours - which probably helped Paige transition to not having Graeme and Blaire Rose home during the day. I am wondering if she's going to get spoiled with all the one-on-one attention from Duncan and I? Oh well. Duncan and I got the youth room completely organized (after 3 years.... hmmm, maybe it was time?) and we got some yard-work done as well as attended various meetings.

Blaire and Graeme both seem to be loving school, but they also loved being able to chill and watch cartoons this morning - with no reason to leave the house till late in the morning. Duncan took off early this morning with the teens to go to Service First, a community service project that our church does the first Saturday of each month from 8-noon, and the kids let me sleep in while they ate cereal and had fun building a fort with blankets on our couch.

Being a bit O.C.D., {OK, I'm a LOT O.C.D.!} I am thankful for routines - especially the routine of school - it seems to rejuvenate my kids and help them appreciate each other when they are together (on a good day, that is) - but it also brings out some quirky behaviors that they pick up from being around other kids. Ah, the joys of parenting - teaching them to deal with things that life brings their way. I have joined the PTSA at our school and they recruited me to be the Volunteer Coordinator - possibly a bigger task than I anticipated? Thankfully the previous Volunteer Coordinator has been very generous with her notes from last year.

We've started using a new devotional book with the kids. They loved the short stories in the other one, but they had them all memorized, so it wasn't really that challenging for them anymore. So, we've transitioned to using a book that we received as a baby gift when Graeme was born. It is more of a read-through-the-Bible style, but it is broken down into segments that are perfect for the kids. Right now we are reading about Jacob & Esau and how they treated each other - great opportunities to talk about sibling rivalry!

With school back in session, I am hoping to be able to pick up some more jobs for my organizing business and would covet your prayers for that to happen. I met a gal this past week that owns a consignment store on Bainbridge Island. I plan to talk to her about possibly advertising through her shop - pray for guidance on that one!

I would also like to be able to start some stamping again - as I haven't done any of that since May - before we went to Germany. I got some fun stamps for my birthday and haven't had the time/opportunity/energy to use them yet - can't wait!

I love the smell of fall. I can't wait to get out some spiced candles and hot cider! I am also not minding that we've had a beautiful week - with weather in the 70's and sunshine almost every day!


Monica said...

WOW! You have been busy, but it sounds like the school year got off to a great start.

Rachel said...

I'm sure the PTSA will be happy to have you on board. :-) This season of our lives sure seems packed... think we'll slow down when our kids are out on their own??