Saturday, September 27, 2008

Corn Maze @ Sunrise Hill Farm

We went to Sunrise Hill Farm today to 'scout' out a place for the youth group to do a Corn Maze on the night of October 31st. This is Sunrise Hill Farm's first year hosting a corn-maze and they did a great job. They had a fun kid area with hay-bales turned into a maze and they had a big pile of hay for kids to jump in. They also had a great circle of hay bales with tricycles inside for the kids to ride around in - what a phenomenal idea!

Duncan is planning to do a worship/concert session after the corn maze and so we needed to check out the facilities. If it's nice out, they'll play outside, but they can use the barn if the weather is questionable. It should be a great time!

After going through the maze

Posing by an apple tree

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Sarah said...

That last picture of your girls is so adorable.