Monday, February 23, 2009

Avid Book-Looker

"Reading" Arthur

I was regularly amazed when other moms would bring books for their kids to look at quietly during a meeting/church/etc. Neither Graeme nor Blaire Rose were likely to be entertained very long by looking at a book. (That all changed once they learned to read - now they hardly put books down.)

Then along came Paige.

She has been an avid book-looker since she was very small. If she was quiet and you went to check on her, there was a pretty strong chance that she had a basket of books and was looking through all of them - absorbing every detail.

I find this quite refreshing. Especially since she is home during the day while they're at school full-time. She can often be found with a big stack of books and a curious expression on her face as she 'reads' them.

What aspect do you find refreshing in your child(ren)?

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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! Hooray for book lovers!