Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crafty Names

I've had these letters for the girls for quite some time. I didn't really want to just hang them on the wall, but I was at a loss for how best to display them. I got the idea to mount them on dowels and then put them on the top of a picture frame or shelf. The only frame I could find was unpainted pine.

So I set up a table in my garage and put many coats of white
paint on these before drilling the peg holes and gluing the dowels in.
I wanted to coordinate with their bedding... I added some wood flower decals that I
painted with some fabulously easy paint pens
A little hot glue and....

- Finished Product -
Now I just need to decide what pics I want to put in them...


Melissa said...

Very cute

cam said...

I Love You!!!

Rachel said...

They turned out great! Good job, lady!