Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chief Seattle Days Parade

We enjoyed a quick 2-block walk to downtown Suquamish today to watch the small parade to celebrate Chief Seattle Days. They had a bunch of vendors set up with trinkets and some booths with food.

We enjoy taking quick walks out on the new dock - today was a bit windy and cool, so we were very happy to have sweatshirts with us.

Graeme is getting quite good at taking photos, so it's handy to have him along to snap some of the adults here and there.

I also 'made' the kids hold hands and walk together - it was cute - and I was surprised to see Graeme still smiling when I had them walk back towards me - posing for a picture along the way.

After a quick perusal of all the booths, we waited for the parade and were inundated with candy - lots and lots of candy.

It was such a short parade - over almost before it began - but fun for us to live so close to it and just be able to walk home for lunch.

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