Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glasses & Power Outages

We had record breaking rainfall yesterday - 1.12 inches - more than October 16th has seen in a long time.  (This broke the record of 1995 where we had .72).  

Then we had gusty wind today. 

Then a tree went down across the road. 

Then we had no power. 

Thankfully it came back on only 2 hours later - and the weather is somewhat warm outside, so it wasn't uncomfortable in the house. 

We decided to take advantage of a 'free' day to go to the mall to get Blaire Rose some new glasses.  We purchased some new ones in August and have had to have them repaired 6 times in six weeks - the lenses just kept popping out no matter how well they shaped them.  We finally just picked out a different style and are having them made with her prescription this weekend.  Quite honestly, I like this new style better than the one we picked out in August, so it works for me - just a bummer that we've had so many issues with the previous pair. 

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