Friday, October 30, 2009

What a week....

It has been a very interesting 7 days. Duncan and I went to a Pastors Conference last Fri/Sat.  We had a great time away - enjoying time with our Senior Pastor Terry Tharp as well as James & Liz Newman (Worship Pastor).


We came back home to pick up our kids from our friends' house and barely got in the door at our place before we realized that Blaire had a fever.  Thankfully it only last 24 hours, but the cough stuck around much longer.  Graeme was next... coming down with a fever on Monday night.  His cough was much deeper in his chest, but also much more productive than Blaire's.  Paige had tummy issues and a mild fever last night. 

Duncan and I have been feeling a bit run-down.  Especially today.  Paige had us up till 2am. 

We've been trying to stay healthy - especially because Duncan has a big event going on this Saturday with all the other youth groups in town - expecting a lot of teens to come hear the bands and the speaker at Rock the Corn.

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