Saturday, December 19, 2009

Early Christmas Celebration

We let the kids open some of their presents today because we'll be traveling to visit family over the holidays and we didn't want to take all the gifts with us.  We didn't tell them until right before time to open presents - so they were super excited.  Graeme and Blaire had purchased things for all of us at the Holiday Boutique at school and Paige went with Grandma Dolly to Walmart to get us each a little something.  This past week she has been telling us "I got you coffee, but don't open it until Christmas because it's a surprise!"  I kept telling her to not tell me the present, but she didn't quite get it.

All 3 kids got Legos this year and the girls were quite thrilled to have their own sets and not have to stay out of Graeme's.  He had an interesting experience with that - he wanted to jump in and help them build, but forgot to ask if they wanted his help.  It was a great teaching opportunity for him to learn what it's like for them when he has some new creative building going on and they want to be a part of it. 

The kids got Duncan a new mouse pad to use by his laptop and a cool tripod flashlight. They got me a blender that I really wanted.  I fell in love with the blender while visiting my brother this summer. We couldn't afford the $90 price tag so when I saw one for $40 I snatched it up and told Duncan to have the kids wrap it.  While it took some of the surprise out of it, I was happy to keep to our budget and still get what I wanted for Christmas. We're bringing our stockings and one gift to open at Grandma & Grandpa's.  Should be fun!


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