Monday, June 14, 2010

Anniversary 2010

When we planned our wedding for June 12th, we kept in mind that both our birthdays and Father's Day are in the same month...figuring we would take some time off and just do one special celebration for all of it.  Well... small kids, school, and time off don't always coincide.

Now that our kids are getting older - and our anniversary fell on a Saturday - we booked a day-long babysitter and took off for some meandering around small towns. 

The drive is so gorgeous!

We headed up to Port Townsend, WA - which - coincidentally - is one of the places we meandered through on our honeymoon.  It's been a long time since we've poked around the shops up there without kids.  It was so nice to be able to go into any store that piqued our interest and not have to worry about keeping little hands at bay. 

Happy 12th Anniversary to us!

We found a parking spot and started walking around.  I made it my mission to capture some of it on film... ended up with mostly pictures of food... not a bad thing, right?

Vanilla Coke at the 50's diner

Fried Ice Cream with chocolate sauce

We found some gems on our walk.  I needed a purse for traveling - found one at a great deal - with all the features I was looking for.  Duncan found some replacement sailboat books for ones he had loaned out - at a 2nd hand book store, so they were cheap.  And we got to go to any restaurant we wanted!  What a luxury.  No worries about kids saying they did or didn't want one thing or another. 

I pestered other tourists to take our picture...

It was a beautiful day - and we had a wonderful time just being together.  Here's to many more years of marriage!

What do you do to celebrate a special event?


Psalm 139:1-18 said...

How fun!! Happy Anniversary - LATE. Love that you blog. I grew up taking family vacations in Port Townsend, Wa, usually around Christmas time:o). LOVE that place!!

Laura Kathleen said...

that first picture of the mountains and clouds is GORGEOUS!! Man...and I live in dry, brown Phoenix. :P