Saturday, July 22, 2006

Graceful falling isn't an option

Never having been a graceful person (though I like to feign that I am), it should come to you as no shock to find that I stumbled and fell Friday morning at 3am while jumping out of bed to take care of the kids. My left leg was asleep (obviously it didn't hear Graeme & Blaire crying!) and so in just taking one step I was down for the count. The outside of my left foot hurt so bad that I was unable to put weight on it and had to crawl into their room to check on them. It is at this point that the feeling began to return to my leg and the pounding pain began. I lay on the floor of their room, almost passed out because of the pain and barely came to when Graeme started to climb down the bunk bed ladder and about stepped on my head.
Don't ask me how, but I convinced the kids that I was OK, got an ice pack and crawled back into bed - all this after noticing the beginning of a very large swollen bruise on the outside edge. After resting it for the next 4 hours, I could at least stand on it, but it was still quite painful.
I went to the doctor Friday morning and it ended up being just a sprain, but they did x-rays to make sure because the bruise/swelling is so nasty. I'm just glad to know that I'm not doing it harm by walking on it and stuff - as that would be very hard considering how independent I am.
I am feeling better today, but am still pretty swollen on my left foot. I'd like prayer for quick healing as Duncan is headed out of town again next Saturday for the Mission Trip in Spokane with World Changers (July 29th - August 5th) and then he and I are flying to Texas where he gets to officiate at his first wedding ceremony (Aug 4-7).

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