Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My brain must have been on an hiatus

So, at some point in logic, I figured it would save time and energy if I took Blaire Rose & Paige for their well-child check-ups at the same time. Not sure where the real Suz was at that point, but nonetheless, I headed to the doctor's office.

Now I was originally intending for Paige to be the only one getting shots as I forgot that Blaire was due for some as well, so this played into my plans as I didn't figure it would be that big of an issue.

Boy was I in for a shock when Blaire Rose stomped her foot in fear of even getting on the scale, let alone having her heart listened to with a stethoscope or her ears checked. Thankfully the doctor knows us well and was very cued into what I had to say and knew that there wasn't anything to be overly concerned over.

(Mind you; in the past few days Paige has decided that being passive is not the way to go and has started throwing fits when it's her turn to share a toy, etc.)

The nurses were fantastic. They took Blaire Rose out of the room to pick out stickers and a fun band-aid while Paige was getting her shots. Paige was NOT happy with me, but settled down OK when I offered her some water out of mommy's cup. Then Blaire hops up on the table, all excited about her stickers and cool new band-aids. Little did she know (despite my cautioning her) that she would have to get an owie inflicted on her in order to have the cute-sie band-aids applied. 2 shots later, screaming bloody murder, she was quite upset with me and walked out the door holding her leg all the way... getting a lot of sympathy looks from other patients in the waiting room.

We stopped for a quick lunch and special milkshake on the way home - which made up for all the necessary evils of the day, but she is still not too happy with me and won't show Graeme her band-aids despite him begging and pleading to see them. I suppose this is one of those 'fun' parts of being a mommy - having to watch your kids go through some pain, but knowing it's for the greater good.

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