Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lynden cowboys and cowgirls

We brought Graeme, Blaire Rose & Paige some fun 'cowboy' hats from Texas - they were quite thrilled with them. We then drove through Lynden on our way home from Edi & Dennis' house so that we could show the kids the Windmill Hotel where we spent our honeymoon and first anniversary. The kids all had fun playing in the wooden shoe near the hotel.

All 3 kids had a good time at Edi's while we were in Texas. They enjoyed playing with their cousins Andy (11), Esther (10) & Olivia (8). Graeme lost his second tooth (they were both loose) while we were at Edi's. He came in to talk to me and show me his loose tooth and I touched/grabbed it and it popped out in my hand. So, while we were washing it off I asked him if he had spent his 2 quarters from his other tooth and he said "NO". Edi put the quarters back in his pocket (I had given them to her to hold on to for him) and subtly put 2 in his other pocket.... without noticing this I asked if he thought the tooth fairy was going to come that night and he said "YES" - well, Edi suggested he look in his pockets and he was excitedly surprised to find that the tooth fairy had already come and put the $$ directly in his pocket ahead of time! Boy was he happy. It was adorable - he was trying to contemplate how the tooth fairy knew he was going to lose his tooth and be ready to give him the $$ ahead of time - cute!

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