Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Little Boy All Grown Up

Graeme started school today - his first all day class now that he's in 1st grade. He was super excited about it and loves his new classroom. I am realizing how much I got used to him being around all day this summer and am missing him... and I'm sure he'll be pretty tired tonight!

I am also very proud of my 4yr old Blaire because she is working on potty training and has stayed dry all-day today - woohoo! Now let's make this a habit!

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Laura said...

Hi Suzi! It was good to see you on my blog. I had lost the address for yours at some point over the summer. Kyle started the 1st grade too this year. He is growing up too fast now, he has stopped giving real hugs, only half-sideways hugs, it's so sad.