Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sweet Sorrow

So, when we picked Graeme up from his first day of all-day school, we told him we had missed him and that we hoped he had a good time. He replied with "I didn't even think about you guys at all today!" I responded that I was glad he had such a good time and that we'll still miss him even if he doesn't think of us too often.

This morning while I was drying my hair he came into my bathroom and told me "I hope you do something super special today so that you won't think of me and then you won't miss me!" Too funny. Nice of him to think of us.

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Rachel said...

That's nice. Stephen always felt sorry for me having to be home alone... but you know, it's ok when it's the last one, because for some reason when there is only one at home, they want to talk/be listened to constantly and I love them, but I do like to think sometimes. :-)