Tuesday, December 25, 2007


As the youngest of 8 kids and having 4 older sisters that I looked up to and admired, it was with great anticipation that I would receive hand-me-downs. I always enjoyed being able to wear things my sisters wore and I always looked forward to them passing things on to me. It extended my wardrobe beyond what I could afford and added some flair. This has not changed - I still LOVE hand-me-downs. It also explains a bit of my fascination with Ebay and Consignment shops - successful bargain hunting is a skill to be proud of!

It is in the spirit that I am excited and blessed whenever people pass on clothes to my children. We always look through the bag(s) with great anticipation and joy as we admire the treasures being passed our way. They wear them with glee and enjoy posing for pictures to 'share' with their friends that shared these treasures.

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