Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A-10 Warthog

About 10 days ago Graeme tells us that he has this 'thing' on his finger that we should look at. So, we take a look and realize it's a big, nasty wart. I feel like a kind and attentive mother - considering he's had it for 3 months and I'm just now noticing it, but I digress.

We took him to the doctor to have it looked at on Friday, February 29th. Instead of freezing it off, she decides to put some acid on it to kill it - supposedly much less painful, for which we are very grateful. We leave the clinic with instructions to keep the bandage on for 12 hours and then remove it and put duct tape on it. The wart should fall off within a week. So, last night - 4 days later - we are cleaning it and preparing to put new duct tape on when the wart - in all it's glory - decides to come off. Now, new skin had already started growing underneath the wart, so no blood was involved but it DID NOT look good. Graeme's poor pinkie - it looked like 1/2 the tip was missing. So, we made another doctor appointment for this afternoon and had it looked at again. (The doctor said it looks good, just need to keep some ointment on it and keep it bandaged.)

Duncan, being the understanding and caring dad that he is, stopped beforehand and bought Graeme a 'special' thing to be able to focus on during the doctor appointment. I pulled it out of the bag while we were driving to the doctor's office and started laughing - I asked Duncan if he intentionally bought a 'Warthog' model airplane. He starts laughing as he realized the irony of it - no, he had not intended to pick up that one - it just looked like something Graeme might be interested in.

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That is stinkin' hilarious! :-) LOL