Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pray with us for our Germany trip...

We are coming face-to-face with needing to make a decision on ticket purchases. We are 1/2 way there - we have already raised a bit over $3500 towards our trip, but need $6500-$7000 just for our tickets, not to mention other travel expenses.

Pray for wisdom as to when we should purchase our tickets. The quandary: should we buy them {in faith} now and trust that the money will come in soon to pay them off or should we wait till the full amount comes in so we can pay cash; taking the chance that the price won't go up in the meantime. So much to think and pray about.

We are confident that God has led us down this path despite the fact that we don't have any extra in our budget to pay for the balance. Please pray with us that we would continue to seek God's guidance and that we would know when the right time is.

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