Friday, April 11, 2008

You know it's a sunny day when...

It seems like there are always scrapes and bruises on sunny days - due to playing outside and having fun. Well, all 3 kids got a scrape/bruise/knot today - no fun involved.

First things first - I took Paige and Blaire for a walk to the Post Office to mail a couple packages. On our way back we went down by the water to look at the beautiful view and to check on the progress of the new Suquamish boat ramp being built. While there, Paige was climbing in/out of the jogging stroller and scraped her back on one of the *arms* where we took off the tray. Blaire and I calmed her down and continued looking at the water.

2nd - Paige and Blaire were playing outside and helping me move some planter boxes - using some rocks as drainage in the bottom before we put a pot with plants in it. We decided we didn't need all the rocks, so the girls were playing with them. I went inside to make a phone call and glanced outside - where Blaire was asking Paige for the rocks back to make a *rock pillow* - Paige didn't want to share, so she threw a rock at Blaire Rose - hitting her in the forehead and giving her an instant knot/cut. The result was a pretty good punishment as Paige realized that rocks are not for throwing at people.

Last but not least.... since it is such a gorgeous day we walked to get Graeme from school today. On our way home, we have to cross a few streets. We see cars stopped for some kids crossing and so we scurry up to the crosswalk to make it across in time. On our way, Blaire loses a shoe, so we stop and find it, assuming the cars will start going again - but the lady beckons us across anyway. As we step out, Graeme trips and skins/scrapes his hand on the edge of a pothole. He is fussing, but I get all 3 across the street where we have more time and room to look at the damage. Thankfully I have wipes in my stroller pocket, so Graeme was able to clean it up a bit and put a compress on it. It wasn't really bleeding - just raised the blood to the surface.


Jess said...

Ouch! Sounds like your sunny day was a painful one. Mine have been pretty relaxing - even at work (Homework Club). Usually on Fridays it's movie day for the students that got all of their homework in, but I decided that we'd stay outside all afternoon. I spent time reading in the sun. I started that book that you loaned me... When Joy Came To Stay... on Monday and finished on Friday!!!

The Pace Posse said...

Glad no one was hurt too bad.