Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ticket to the future

So, we stepped out in faith and purchased our tickets for Germany despite the fact that we are $1200 shy of the full amount. Lufthansa had a great deal on airfare and we felt it prudent to snatch up our 5 tickets as they seem to be going quickly.

We are quite excited that they now offer a non-stop flight from Seattle to Frankfurt, meaning only 10 hours in the air instead of the average 15 that you end up with when you have a layover. We leave June 3rd and arrive back in the USA on July 1st. We are flying back into NY so we can spend a week visiting family on the East Coast, then we'll head home sometime the following week.

Pray with us as we are trusting God to bring in the rest of the support needed.

We need a minimum of $2500 more to (a) pay off the tickets and (b) provide food/events/support for the ministry of Hospitality House while were are in Germany.

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