Friday, June 06, 2008

Walking Tour

First thing this morning, Duncan spent a few hours helping Brad by mowing and cutting back some over-sized trees. Then after lunch we took a stroll to check out the neighborhood. It was a great time to see the neighboring houses and get familiar with the roads - and the kids had a blast burning off some energy. We also got to meet a turtle named Greta - the kids had fun watching her get around in her yard.


This area has some very steep hills and the Festaburg is built on the edge of a ravine. Cadence actually contracted with the owner of the property to have it built in the late '70s. It was built to be a hospitality house and has enough room to hold a lot of people - with multiple bunk rooms and 5 bathrooms spread throughout the 3 stories of the house. It has been rented by Cadence for the past 30 years and has had quite the ministry in that time. From the street it appears to be a rather normal sized house, but from the terraced back yard you can see the full 4000 square feet of it.

The weather is pretty mild - it has been in the upper 60's-low 70's for the past couple of days. We've had showers off and on, but nothing substantial.

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