Thursday, June 05, 2008

We Made It!

We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany @ 9:30 am on Wednesday with only 2 hours of sleep for the kids and less than that for us adults. Brad & Debbie picked us up and we headed off to get our base passes and decided to take the kids directly to the Festaburg so they could get a nap and try to keep Graeme's motion sickness at bay. We got our passes and took a quick tour of the base, then headed home. We had a busy afternoon of getting familiar with the house and getting ready for a Dinner & Discussion event with some soldiers. They arrived at 6:30 and stayed till 9:30 when Brad brought them back to the base.

We then spent an eventful night of trying to keep the kids in bed and asleep as their internal clocks were throwing them off. They were all up from midnight-4 - which meant we all slept in quite a bit once we got back to sleep, but we're getting on schedule - slowly but surely.

Today; Debbie, Laura & I went to the grocery store to help me get acclimated with it's location and get familiar with all the odds and ends associated with it. Laura is interning with Cadence and will be here in Germany for two months - she is a real asset to us because she is already familiar with the house patterns and is almost fluent in German. *BONUS* She also loves kids!

Duncan is getting a crash course in house-related issues and is planning to lead the study on Friday night. He will then take Brad & Debbie to the train station on Saturday morning and we'll be running the ministry till July 1st. It has been so much fun being here so far - and the kids are getting comfortable with the routines and house.

Blaire Rose & Debbie Ellgen - celebrating Debbie's birthday, Princess Style

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Rachel said...

NIce Pictures- good job getting some posted already!
I like the ticker... "2 days since we fly to Germany" :-) he he