Monday, July 21, 2008

West Coast Beach Club

We went for a walk on our local beach here in Suquamish - Nothing compared to the beaches on the East Coast, but at least it's close. We got to see the boats going by and the kids enjoyed picking up shells and tossing them into the water. Duncan worked at teaching Graeme to skip rocks across the water - which occupied their time for quite a bit.

It's so nice to live this close to the beach - we definitely enjoy it. And now that the kids are getting older and my OCD self is mellowing out some *gasp* - I may actually let them play in the sand without hyperventilating about the mess it's going to make in my car and subsequently in my house.


Laura Kathleen said...

this has nothing to do with your blog, but I'm "allergic to needles," too. I HATE them! Thank goodness for Jess and Gabe to hold my hands!! :)

Gretchen said...

remember to take along some baby powder, just rub that on the sandy area for a bit and it will fall right off!