Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musings

I have enjoyed hearing Paige's language develop this past year. She is so articulate for a 3-year old - at least compared to where Graeme & Blaire were at the same age. She talks up a storm and most everyone understands her. She does, however switch up a few words that always make me smile. We'll arrive at a store and she'll innocently say "Can I get out of my seat-cart?" I always respond with: "Yes, we can get out of your car-seat." to which she replies with a giggle and says "Oh, I'm so silly!"

Blaire Rose has also been tickling my funny bone as she says the funniest things when she feels the need to yell. She'll go out on the swing-set and pump her legs till she is swinging as high as she can go - then she'll yell "PRAISE THE LORD!" She did it again this morning when she and Paige went into the bedroom to play - they were pretending to call out the window to an imaginary friend.

Graeme won't sing in church, but you can hear him humming songs as he does things around the house or as we're driving along. He knows most of the words and will teach them to the girls - but doesn't like to sing along with a big group at church.

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August in Westport said...

Ya, just like Paige, I have to say my favorite color is "chocolate," too!!!
Blaire is so funny - has she been watching any televangelists??? haha.
It's exciting to hear Graeme singin - has he adjusted well to attending "big church?" :)