Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pizza Rolls

Even though I grew up with homemade bread, I never really mastered the art of making it myself. Partly because I never really liked it - which had a lot to do with the fact that it was usually a bit dry from being baked and then frozen - and mostly because I just got sick of it.

My family laughs at me because of my history with home-made bread: for the duration of 3rd & 4th grade, unless I could trade with another kid at school, I would toss my sandwich under a tree every day - and let me tell you; that tree was very healthy from all the PB&J!

I've outgrown my need to toss a home-made PB&J sandwich under a tree, but I've also learned that home-made bread tastes good to my palate under certain circumstances - FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN! Nothing like spreading butter on a nice, hot piece of freshly baked bread. Duncan loves home-made bread and has often requested that I make it. I have done so on a few occasions, but mostly just to make cinnamon rolls.

A friend of mine makes her own bread and gives us a loaf here and there - spoiling us with it's tasty deliciousness. So, tonight I decided to make some dough from scratch so I could make some tasty Pizza Rolls. I didn't really let my dough rise enough before rolling out, so they are a bit small, but they were the perfect size for my kids - so, that works. I also didn't have artichoke hearts on hand, so I used pepperoni and cheese - leaving some parts with just cheese for my girls.




off a dirt road said...

Those look yummy! Funny how recipes work out sometimes even when we don't have the right ingredients! I make homemade bread in my bread machine, then I don't have to worry about forgetting it.

Rachel said...

Good for you!!
I never knew you tossed your sandwich! LOL... much like me and my mom's oatmeal. he he he. Only I had a dog, instead of a tree and I think the tree would have continued to enjoy it, whereas the dog got sick of it too.
I don't really care for sandwiches w/ homebread either- just from growing up on it. But I do love it fresh out of the oven, and made into grilled cheese sandwiches and then the pizza and rolls, etc. Ok, time to go bake something.
I don't know that letting it rise before rolling it out would make it much bigger, but if the house is cold I will let my bread rise in the oven with it on "warm" (or 170 degrees, b/c it doesn't go any lower) before baking it.
I'm glad they came out good- it was a fast favorite with us.
And thanks for the plug! :-D