Friday, October 31, 2008

Sole Blessing

I realized this morning that Paige's dress shoes were all too small (her feet are thicker than Blaire's were, so the hand-me-downs fit differently) and I didn't know what she would wear with her princess costume tonight - so we went to the consignment store and I was able to get Blaire some new tennies (her school shoes are almost worn out already!) and Paige some black dress-shoes - getting both pairs for $7.82 - which was awesome because I had only $9 left in my clothing budget/envelope - woohoo!
Blaire's are even the coveted light-up princess shoes!


Gretchen said...

Cute! So Glad God is working in that way for you guys!

August in Westport said...

Oh so cute ~ do they make the ones on the right in my size? :)
It's fun to see Him work through the small things, isn't it?