Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

Thought this was a fun exercise.... I was tagged on Facebook and thought I'd pass it on.

1. I am the youngest of 8, but adamantly claim my brother Chet was the spoiled one.

2. I have 35 (almost 36) nieces and nephews - and 2 great nieces/nephews. I can remember all their names, and about 1/2 of their birthdays.

3. I grew up being proud to be an 1/8th Cherokee Indian, only to find out this past year that it's actually more like a 16th. Still proud of it though. Even if it is just the big toe on my left foot.

4. I walked out in the field and watched the butcher arrive to shoot and clean our cow every year as a child. I was quite proud of this fact and couldn't understand why Duncan prefers to think that hamburger/steak comes from a store. Sheesh. City boys.

5. I gave my life to Christ when I was only 4yrs old. Trusting in Him was the best choice ever. I cried when Graeme gave his life to Christ last year @ age 7.

6. I was a pack-rat as a child - kept anything and everything in my junk drawer. Then I became a Personal Organizer.... CLEAN - SORT - PURGE!

7. I can read upside down - and backwards. Just ask my siblings if they ever played my board game "BACKWARDS" with me. Not very supportive if you ask me. Just because I won every time? sheesh. My son Graeme can now do this - makes me giggle.

8. I love to travel, but I'm also a homebody. Someday I'll go to Scotland.

9. I love to drive - did 6 trips from Washington - Michigan during college. Non-stop. 48 hours one way.

10. I would like to be (but am not) a morning person. Not grumpy, just don't like to talk much before I've had my coffee.

11. Duncan and I did 6 months of pre-engagement and then 6 months of premarital counseling before we wed. Then kept it up all these years - best investment ever. Now we do premarital counseling for couples that are seriously dating/engaged.

12. I am 1/2 extrovert and 1/2 introvert - so, I love being a social butterfly when I feel like it - but I also NEED my downtime.

13. I lived in Holland when I was 17 - being a nanny for some friends for 6 months. My kids are now the same age as their kids were when I was there.

14. I have been to over 1/2 the states in the US - but hadn't left WA/OR till after I was 15.

15. I have always had a thing for the number 3. I loved the times table as a child - can still rattle it off. I sort my candies/chips/snacks into piles of 3 and eat all the non-conformists first. Sometimes I wonder if this is why I had 3 children?

16. I was a severe tom-boy as a child. My brother and I would play playmobile and then take them outside to shoot them with our BB guns. Refused to let my sisters do my hair for a wedding. Refused to tuck in my shirt to my jeans b/c it was 'too giirly'. I was a self-proclaimed BOY NAMED SUE. Then at 13 I cut my own bangs. TOO SHORT Had to start curling them. It's been all downhill from there.

17. I worked for a funeral home in high school. Washing the cars. The owner went to church with me and had dated my mom in high school.

18. I was an amazingly annoying friend as a child. Didn't know how to be real with people. I'm always amazed that people stuck by me. I still feel like I'm that person. Ever so blown away and thankful that people actually like me.

19. I love to give gifts. Seeing the joy on other peoples faces fills me with so much excitement. Yet - "GIFTS" isn't one of my main Love Languages - weird.

20. I am a bit OCD at times. I can't always cut Duncan & Graeme's hair - sometimes the thought of all that hair falling on me, my clothing or the floor really makes me hesitate.

21. I have an irrational fear of getting an infected hair sliver. Seriously. People laugh at me about it.

22. I love coffee, but am not picky about it. Growing up around a truck driver does that to you, I suppose. Thanks dad.

23. I wanted to be just like my dad when I was little. I wanted to drive trucks when I grew up. He discouraged me from that line of work, but was supportive anyway. It makes me love him all the more that he and my mom support Duncan and I as we pursue ministry - and that though he misses me living there near him, he "Wouldn't want me to stay if it meant I wasn't doing what God wanted me to do.".

24. I always wanted to join the military and often have that desire return when I am at a military event. I'm super patriotic. Maybe this is why I have a soft spot for Cadence stuff?

25. I can be spontaneous - sometimes. Duncan laughs that it is planned - but it still feels spontaneous to me. He knows better than to surprise me with too much stuff/information at once. I need to feel like I have choices and a part of the planning.


Jessica said...

Fun fun! ...please explain... infected hair sliver?? Not the same as hair follicule? Hmmmmm... I suppose you learn something new every day!

Kerri said...

Hello! I came to your blog via Daily Dwelling and then got captured by your links with North Kitsap! I had to see where you lived....I grew up in Hansville and graduated from North Kitsap in 1982. I've lived in Germany via the Air Force a few times -- absolutely love traveling and can't wait to be on the go again! I did a road trip in October from San Jose to Dallas., quick trip helping friends move. Living in Spokane now & headed to Lake Crescent for Valentine's Day weekend-- Olympic Peninsula, here we come!

It's so nice to meet you. Have a wonderful trip.