Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

Many of you know that I have my own business as a Personal Organizer. A Well Ordered Life has given me the opportunity to use my gift for organization to benefit others. Many have been gracious enough to hire me to work for them and I have been blessed in the process. It has allowed me to grow in my skills & confidence and given me the opportunity to get connected with more people.

Those that know me well know that I am a bit of a social net-worker. I am on Facebook and get teased about my frequent updates and online time. I often get asked questions about where to find things or who would be able to help them in their particular situation. I am frequently given business cards to pass out as I have been given the reputation of having information. I am honored when people asked me for information and I try to give the most accurate possible. I have also been told by people that I "get things done". I try to take this as a compliment and use my gifting with grace, not overstepping boundaries unless appropriate. (I'm sure I'll get lots of comments on that statement!)

We met Fred & Diane Stock on our first Sunday candidating at NKBC - in February 2005. They left for Germany soon after that, so we didn't have much time to interact. We took the opportunity to visit them while we were in Germany helping Brad & Debbie Ellgen last June. This was a great chance to get to know them better and to see what their ministry looks like.

In the midst of some of my social net-working, I began chatting with Diane and found out that they are desiring some help to sort/clean/purge before a move this summer. To quote Brad Ellgen: "Our mission needs this help so badly to help transition the outgoing and incoming missionary. I was just at a summit in Denver about missionary care and we NEED to do this!"

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use my skills and so, with Duncan's unfailing support, I began checking flight prices. Having been impressed with Lufthansa last year, I had no qualms about flying with them again. I was a bit discouraged to see the prices for this summer ($1500 per ticket), but was blown away by some deals available in March ($550). After kicking it around some (all within a 48 hour period!) Duncan and I decided that I would do my best to make this 12 day trip work. I plan to purchase my ticket this coming Monday and I am hoping the prices stay the same.

One of my friends, a college student at our church, will be going with me. She has expressed a desire to look into full-time ministry and this is a great opportunity for her to get involved in a ministry with the military. She is currently a student @ Ecola and is on spring break during the time frame of our trip.

I won't have many expenses while I'm there - making this trip very affordable. We are blessed by the church family @ NKBC, but it is an expensive area that we live in and so we keep our finances very trim to fit within our income. I have filled out a 'short term mission' application with the Mission Council @ our church for some assistance, but wouldn't say no if anyone else wanted to help with this trip.

How you can help:

  • Monetarily - I am looking into tax-deductible options through our church
  • Prayer - That I would support Fred & Diane in a practical way
  • Practical - Duncan will be taking care of the kids while still working

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