Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mama's Heart Beats Proud

Our kids' conferences were today. It is always so nice to have other people saying positive things about my kids.

Blaire Rose gets to go full-day to Kindergarten and is thriving. Her reading is coming along quite well and she is a good friend to others in her class. She consistently makes good choices and is very generous in her compliments of others in the room.

Graeme is doing very well in his 2nd grade class, making good friends and learning lots from his teacher. Graeme is very literal and loves doing reports on factual things - he's not so fond of creative writing. We found out today that he qualifies for the AGATE program that our school offers for the district. This is a great opportunity for him to be challenged - and be w
ith highly capable students in a self-contained 3rd/4th/5th grade classroom, assisted in the provision of accelerated opportunities. This will also encourage him to learn how to explain his reasoning behind things - a very good life-skill!

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