Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mid-Month Meandering

3 posts in one day - WHAT is this world coming to?
Paige - asking why I was taking her picture
I decided I should do an update on my trip to Germany. I have had some difficulty downloading the pictures - thus the delay in posting about it. I have been home for a week and the kids are finally adjusting to mommy being back in the house.

Jessica and I had a great time in Germany - it took an extra day to get there as our flight was canceled the first time due to mechanical issues, but I am thankful the airline took the precaution to cancel it considering all the recent crashes. Over the course of our 13 days in country, we were able to sort 4 different rooms worth of stuff at the Hospitality House in Kaiserslautern, weed out some toys at the Hospitality House in Baumholder and give some organizing ideas to the youth leaders with Malachi in Baumholder. The Kaiserslautern House is the oldest Cadence Hospitality House in Europe and has been run for 37 years under several different missionary teams. With an overabundance of "donations" and insufficient order, there were definitely areas of the house desperate for an extra hand in organization.

We also got to do some sight-seeing. Fred & Diane took us {along with 3 military personnel/families} three hours south to France - to see the Cathedral in Strasbourg and then on to a castle in Colmar. This was so much fun. Last summer I got to see a lot of castles throughout Germany and it was so fun to get to see one in France, with snow still on the ground - quite the contrast.

We were able to visit Jessica's aunt and cousins near Cologne - we did a quick tour of Cologne - despite the pouring rain.


The Things We Do said...

Nice to meet another "married to the ministry" gal. =0) Thanks for visiting my blog.
Press on

Lindsey said...

Oh my word, that expression! "Why are you taking my picture?". Oh dear, I hope my daughter doesn't do that since my husband does, lol.

And I know, sometimes I end up doing more than one post even though I try to space them. Oh well!

LaVonne Long said...

Well, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all your pictures. My husband and I cannot wait to do Mission Trips/Vacations with our Princess. This summer we are going to London where he will do some church training then sight seeing in London and Paris. I hope we can find some worthy things to participate it. Blessings! And stop by my blog anytime.

Shannon said...

I love your pics of their "needed organization" reminds me of a college mission trip to Belize to help get a libray organized, it was fun but a big challenge. This is my first Blog Party (you were close to me on the Family List) so it's nice to meet you!