Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures for Posterity

While I don't normally allow or encourage begging for things in our household, I couldn't resist when Paige kept asking "Please can I have a turn?" after she saw me vacuuming the stairs with our mini vacuum. I snapped some pictures so we can show it to her years from now when she's begging/bribing a sibling to take her turn at vacuuming.

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Laura Kathleen said...

Usually I was not the one vacuuming the Pulsfort's house since they had a house cleaner, but the cat box was located in my 'apartment,' and I was responsible for cleanup there. If he was home and awake, Flori would ALWAYS come and do my vacuuming for me. The vacuum was definitely bigger than he was (he was 2!) but he always managed, and because he enjoyed it so much it was always very thorough! :)