Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As someone who is passionate about organizing, it isn't a surprise that I love to re-purpose things in my house. It's something I come by naturally as my mom trained us to reorganize and re-purpose things on a weekly basis while growing up.

Duncan and I have been wanting to make room in Graeme's bedroom for his Lego's - to get them off our table in the dining room and give him a place that he can close the door to keep pesky little fingers out while he's gone at school during the day. There wasn't much room in there as his dresser was a large one.

I was on the hunt for an inexpensive smaller one to replace it when Duncan reminded me that we had an old dresser in our closet that would work in Graeme's closet. Doesn't matter that it isn't a match to his room since the closet doors will ideally be closed most of the time. (We then put his large one in our walk-in closet - which solved some storage issues we were having in there as well.)

This allowed us to put his white cube shelf down on the floor to give him a surface area to play with and display his Lego's.
Then we got a nice shelf for all his Corgi model airplanes and tanks (so thankful for 50% coupons @ Michael's!). This gets them up and away from those aforementioned pesky little fingers... and it's also a nice shelf to use in my craft area if I ever need to move it.

I stole found this idea while helping a friend move last Fall - and it is so amazing! All the little toys that tend to get lost and/or cluttered everywhere NOW HAVE A HOME in this re-purposing of a shoe organizer! Graeme loves it because he can see everything and I love it because everything is easily picked up.

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off a dirt road said...

I may have to "steal" the shoe organizer idea for my kids rooms! Thanks for sharing :)