Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Blaire Rose - May 26, 2009

What a joy it is to be your mommy. You have made so many changes in temperament in the last 6 years. You began as such a happy, but independent child. At 7lbs 6oz, you were our tiny little thing with a voracious appetite. You were a great sleeper and you loved to socialize.

You've always had a demeanor of "Why wouldn't you love me?" and I hope you never lose that - that you ground yourself in the Love of Christ and continue to be someone lovely to be around.

You became even more independent as you neared age 2. You were quite insistent that you be able to do things your way, all the time. There were a lot of fits being thrown every day.
Paige & Blaire Rose - Fall 2005

You have always showed your emotion(s) on your sleeve and so
we always knew exactly what you were feeling.

Then you started making changes. You were still independent,
but you now had the skills to express yourself through words.
You began to shift towards being one of the most loving children I've ever known. New Glasses - May 2007

Barefoot Park - Germany 2008

Burg Eltz - Germany 2008

Connecticut - July 2008

Now you have such character and love to express yourself through your Norwegian Dances. I look forward to seeing you dance for many more years.

Norwegian Dance - Princesses - May 2009

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Monica said...

Happy Birthday...she is SO CUTE!!!