Monday, May 04, 2009

Make Shift Pantry

I am in love with having a pantry. It isn't that big, but I have enough cabinet space in my kitchen to hold my baking supplies so that my pantry only has to have cooking supplies.

(Picture during construction April 2007)

I stock up on deals and love getting a rock-bottom price on items. So... my pantry is often bursting at the seams with canned goods, boxes of crackers, etc.

It appears that we also have ants. You know those annoying little soil/sugar ants that seems to be able to get into any size opening - and you can never tell where they came from?

Turns out they really like honey. Who knew?

(I never knew they were called soil ants until 8 years ago when I called up the exterminator {for the first time in my life} and told them I had an infestation of piss ants in my house... seems that was just a term used by my family ... uggg... Here's to teaching your kids the right names for things so they're not embarrassed when talking to a professional!)
It's been 10 days since the exterminator was here to spray the crawl space and exterior as well as put down ant bait in the house - I know it has to get worse before it gets better; but in the meantime we had to move all the items out of the pantry so they wouldn't be bothered by the ants... this is just 1/2 of it... the rest is in lidded containers in another room.

I pride myself in being a decent house-keeper. I don't always mop or clean as often as I ought, but my house is relatively clean 99% of the time. One thing you realize when you have issues with piss soil ants is just how dirty they can make you feel! Yuck - I am looking forward to them going bye-bye.

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Rachel said...

Brian's family called them piss ants too. So it came from somewhere! :-) Anyway, you're not alone.