Thursday, July 31, 2008

I *heart* freebies

I have to admit it - I love getting a good deal. It makes me feel like I am a savvy shopper when I can use coupons and sales to my advantage. The other day I received a box in the mail FULL of freebies. The orange bag says "The Oprah Magazine" so I obviously signed up for a freebie online before we went to Germany and it took 2 months to arrive. Regardless, I felt so blessed and thrilled to open it and discover all the goodies tucked inside. A bonus - I had been wanting to get some reusable shopping bags, but hadn't budgeted to buy them, so having 2 FREE bags show up in this box was awesome. I have passed along some of the freebies that I am not interested in trying and have had a great opportunity to try the enclosed makeup without having to spend hard-earned cash on a 'trial'.

I hit a jackpot today at the grocery store - I was able to use some coupons in conjunction with a sale to get cereal for $.69/box. This is way cool because our paycheck at the end of the month goes entirely to our house payment and so I didn't have much left in my grocery budget till we get paid on the 15th of August. It instills in me a feeling of pride and power when I am able to get such good deals.

How do you stretch the almighty dollar?

What makes you 'brag' to your friends?


August in Westport said...
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Jessica said...

I love great deals, too! I showed my aunt this blog entry as well as the "grocery game." I went to the commissary with her today and she would say, "that's a Suzanne find!"
Did you know that if you write into a company (i.e. cereal co.), even just to say how much you enjoy their product, most of the time they will send you free coupons back? I've tried it.
Beings that I don't have to go grocery shopping yet, I find most of my deals on clothing racks. I've got my mom's shopping knack!